Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Introducing the one that I shall call Luke

Added an update about him going in circles underneath the first video.
Yesterday after the last post, I began work on a new model of Robot. The purpose behind this robot is pretty similar to the Bumper Bug, he bumps into something, he changes direction. The reason though that I wanted to build this Robot from Baum's book is because to turn the wheels it only takes one motor, unlike the previous ones which would take two. The problem with the robot taking two motors to move is that it takes up all of my motors so then I can't have another one to be able to do other neat features with.

This Robot once again goes with a "three" wheel approach.

The structure on the left is what the back wheels are attached to. By looking inside you can see the gear structure that turns the back wheels.

This is the ratchet, which locks the left wheel up, when going backwards or turning. This allows the robot to be able to turn with only one motor. In the earlier models of the robots, one of the motors would be turned off, when the robot needed to turn.

The finished project.

Videos of him running around...

He seems to enjoy running around in circles.... I think that he might enjoy going around in circles in this video because his front wheel is not pointed straight a head.....

Here he ran himself up the table foot and ended up sitting on his rear.

Time Since last post: 2 hours 10 minutes
Overall: 23 hours 50 minutes

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