Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Running Robot"

So for those of you who hear my voice very softly....I am simply talking to myself in the excitement of seeing the Robot move around or wondering at what it is doing.

The first object that he bumps into is my lunch bag, then he starts to go over to a wall but doesn't bump into it...turns and starts going underneath the table, which I was impressed that it got the right angle to be able to go between the feet. I then stopped the recording because it was headed to feet that it was going to run into and it was going backwards. What you don't get to see before I turned the robot off, was that after trying to push himself backwards, he then changed his direction and tried to go a different way.

I have now worked another 40 minutes for today, bring today's total to 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Overall: 11 hours 10 minutes


Jonezy Alz said...

That is awesome! How exactly is it controlled...via a remote control or just programmed into it to "go"?

vfreeland said...

After getting the program to transfer to the robot, I just pushed the on-off button (it is red) and then I made sure that it was on program 5 (the screen showed it) and then I pushed the Run button (green) and it ran until I turned it off...

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