Friday, January 9, 2009


After reading Baum's book on the design of his line follower, I decided to modify the design of the robot to help keep as much outside light from the sensor as possible this is what I came up with....

I lowered the Light sensor by using a flat Lego piece, I then surround the light sensor with other Legos making sure that they didn't have holes that would allow light in. If they did, I used another flat Lego to cover up the hole. The picture on the far left shows what I ended up using to block out the light, I had run out of the wrap around Lego pieces that I used in the right picture, because I had used one to let the light sensor point down. The picture in the middle is what it looked like before.

I followed the program that was set out in Knudsen's book. The numbers in this picture are not the numbers I ended up using with the program, I started out with the numbers that are given in the book. Then adjusted them as I saw when using a guided mode in the Programming environment.

I once again ran into a problem of getting the program to download to the RCX, this time I decided to restart the computer and make sure that the RCX was on near the beginning of bringing up the program on the machine. It then transferred just fine and allowed me to use a mode to test the code to find out numbers that I needed to be able to tell when the sensor was picking up dark verse light. I was also able download the program a couple of times in order make adjustments to the numbers.

After watching the program run on the Robot, I had the thought that his back wheel reminded me of a dog's tail. I decided then that I should adjust his name to Caleb Tricycle...since Caleb means dog. So here is Caleb Tricycle running...including running off of the mat with the black trail that it is following. The mat came with the Lego Set.

Hours worked today: 2 hours
Hours overall: 16 hours 10 minutes


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